【報告日】2012.6.8 (MIで再現)
  I only got this message when the install was actually unsuccessful. I
presume you click on the "This program installed successfully" choice since
you were able to run what appears to be an updated version based on your
screen shots. Ron says he has been getting this message a lot with a number
of different software packages recently.
 【エラー内容】 Get "This program may not have installed correctly" message when try to update.

■【エクスポート】DLG-Optional ファイルが正しくエクスポートされない
 【報告日】2012.5.30 (MIで再現)
 【エラー内容】 Export to DLG-Optional does not export all lines/polygons but doesn't give error.
 【優先度】 2
 【ステータス】 2011/6/11現在、未修正

 【報告日】2011.12.7 (MIで再現)
 【エラー内容】Edit vector: Cut & Paste: get 'syntax error in script' when paste

 【付図】付図1  付図2  付図3  付図4
 【 MI 再現日】2011.11.17
 【エラー内容】 Style Editor: Font name doesn't appear in Font field
 【修正内容】Please download and install the next week's edition of TNTmips 2011 [dated 22Nov or later] .

【エラー番号】19941E - Theme mapping: Assign Style by Attribute window opens when reopening the saved theme.

【エラー番号】19942E - Theme mapping: The symbol size changes when the symbol color is changed.

【エラー番号】19958E dynamic labels: no label if first parameter in first print function is empty.
付図1 付図2

【エラー番号】19961E - Export to"Seperate File is not dimmed when exporting RGB raster to TIFF.
it seems that the Export to: Separate Files entry is not behaving consistently. I could reproduce the problem you mentioned in the Export process of TNT products, v 2011, and I have written up the following error:

I could reproduce the problems you mentioned in the Database Viewer (v76 and up) and I have written up the following errors:
【エラー番号】19953E - Single record view: The edge of the Value field disappears when dragged to the left and can not be restored.
【エラー番号】19955E - The units are not displayed for fields although they are defined.